Menu Development and enhancement

Develop and Design Menu with an objective to enhance customer satisfaction and optimise cost. Each year airlines spend about 2-3% of total expenditure on catering. However, this cost centre is declining as airlines tend to divest in this non-core activity in an effort to save money. But consigning catering to waste disposal is not an easy decision.

Surveys have shown that passengers consistently place catering and on board service high on the list of determining factors while choosing an airline. More often than not catering is a key differentiator and is a tangible expression of the airline brand. Any reduction in in-flight meals by competing airlines is seen as an opportunity to attract new passengers.


Product Costing and Menu Pricing

We at MenuCoPH help airlines to reduce catering costs without compromising on quality of the product. In fact we endeavour to enhance quality and appropriateness of the product thus improving passenger satisfaction at the same time optimizing costs, resulting in savings to the airline.

We design Airline Menus keeping in mind the passenger preferences and work out a detailed recipe cost of the products offered to arrive at the optimum price for the meals and other services. Our Food and Beverage Control team works out the product cost based on wholesale food prices to arrive at cost incurred by the caterer and suggest prices which the airline should pay after considering labour cost, other costs, overheads and allowing reasonable margins for the caterer.



The team will carry out physical inspection of the Caterers’ facilities and submit report with reference to adherence of HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points). Currently Hygiene audits conducted by the airline or external agencies are too infrequent to ensure consistency.

MenuCoPH-audits will be conducted at frequent intervals and follow up audits will ensure corrective actions are implemented for all observations and recommendations.


Inventory Control

Inventory at Bonded Warehouse at Caterer’s premises (Imported liquor and other imported food stuff) is not monitored closely by the caterer as it does not belong to the Caterer.

Due to regulative restrictions it is not monitored closely by Airlines staff either. MenuCoPH proposes to provide dedicated staff to monitor Bonded warehouse inventory to eliminate pilferage. MenuCoPH-invent ensures to maximize your inventory management.


Financial Services

Given the volumes and complexity of operations, checking correctness of invoices is a laborious task. Currently caterer’s team is assigned this task in addition to various other core activities leading to test checks thus leaving scope for errors. A dedicated team specialising in this task will ensure 100% check.

MenuCoPH-fincheque ensures to monitor authenticated invoices, duly checked for volumes, rates, taxes and other statutory parameters will be submitted to our partner thus eliminating any chance of excess billing.


Reverse E-Auction

MenuCoPH offers a solution to revolutionise the Inflight Catering Tendering System through a ‘Reverse E-Auction’ process (REAuction). It will automate the tendering process, bring transparency and make it very competitive.

MenuCoPH will conduct the Reverse E Auction process for tendering wherein all eligible and approved inflight caterers will participate. MenuCoPH will provide a platform for e-tendering and facilitate the entire process from start to end till the catering contract is awarded to the selected caterer. As part of the MenuCoPH Control Module recipe cost and suggested price to be offered to the caterer will be worked out, based on which a ‘Reserve Price’ will be determined. All participating caterers will have to bid online to better this price. Contract can be awarded to the lowest bidder.

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